You cannot manage what is not being measured

Be smart, be sustainable, be inclusive

If you want to be a smart, competitive, sustainable and inclusive destination, a tourism observatory is the tool you need for your management

The measurement you conduct must answer the strategic questions that, as a tourism destination, you are asking yourself. At in2destination we do not defend measuring simply for the shake of measuring.

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Did you know...

...that if you develop a sustainable tourism observatory you can apply to be part of the UNWTO INSTO network. We have already successfully supported other destinations, do you want us to help you?

What is a sustainable tourism observatory?

A sustainable tourism observatory is a tourism intelligence system for collecting and analysing data, based on the needs and on the strategic questions a tourism destination or tourism resource asks itself

How can this tourism intelligence system help you?

And how do you know which is the right data?

The right data will depend on what you answer when asking yourself these questions:

Are you already collecting the data you need but you don't know what to do with it?

Don’t worry, at in2destination:

What good does data interpretation and communication?

You can use it so that your target audience knows what you measure, what it is for and how to access the data.

You can use it so that everything you measure is used by your target audience.

You can use it to help the sector make decisions about their companies, decisions based on reliable data and in an agile way.

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...that at in2destination we work with public institutions and private companies throughout the world in favour of smart, sustainable and inclusive tourism development?

Are you responsible for a tourism destination or tourism resource and are you in any of these situations?

You have a tourism observatory

You don’t have a tourism observatory

Did you know...

... that a sustainable tourism observatory serves to support the formulation and implementation of sustainable tourism policies, strategies, plans and management?


Do you want to know how we do it?

  1. Defining the key questions derived from the 5 dimensions of sustainable tourism. What are those dimensions and how do they help us?
      • Governance, which will guide us in knowing your planning, implementation and management in order to establish, if necessary, corrective measures.
      • Economic Dimension, essential to know and analyse the characterization of supply and demand in your tourism destination/resource.
      • Social Dimension, whose analysis will allow us to know if coexistence with the resident population is preserved.
      • Environmental Dimension, which will allow us to assess whether you are developing the tourism sector in balance with the environment.
      • Territorial Dimension, which will guide us to know and analyse the distribution and concentration of flows and resources in your tourism destination.
  1. Establishing which are the key indicators to monitor your sustainable tourism observatory.
  2. Collecting data, both from primary and secondary sources.
  3. Interpreting the collected data and preparing diagnoses and reports.
  4. Facilitating the communication of results on a regular basis.

Did you know...

... that at in2destination we support you throughout the process? We accompany you both to define your strategic questions and to define the methodologies that best fit to answer them.

Our experience

These are some of the tourism destinations or tourism resources with which we have worked with the aim of achieving an observatory of sustainable tourism.

Tourism Observatory of Bizkaia dbf

Navarra Tourism Observatory icon_navarra

Intel.litur Catalan Tourism Board icon_catalana

Tourism Secretariat of Bahía, Brasil brasil

Tourism Observatory of Bizkaia

Bizkaia has a tourism observatory for the province that measures not only for Bizkaia but also for the county level and provincial capital level.

We develop the operations of the tourism observatory of Bizkaia. On the one hand, the measurement of secondary official sources that indicate the situation from information on accommodation, jobs, companies, and passengers on flights. On the other hand, the design of the instruments for the field work on visitors in situ in Bizkaia, both tourists and excursionists, residents and tourism industries. Field work is done by a partner with whom we usually work.

The collection of visitors allows the public and private sector to better know the profiles, interests, expenditure made and in what, to better adapt the marketing.

The operation to residents allows to know their vision on the development of tourism.

Finally, consulting the tourism industries allows assessing whether competitiveness and sustainability are improving, as well as understanding their opinion about the measures taken. 

Navarra Tourism Observatory

First Spanish tourism observatory to join the INSTO Network (International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories) of the UNWTO.

in2destination has supported the Navarra Tourism Observatory on different occasions, first conceptualizing what to measure, for what and how in order to be in line with Navarra's strategic tourism plan, in a competitive, sustainable and inclusive manner.

Later on, preparing the candidacy of the observatory to the INSTO network, which was successful in January 2019.

Finally, with various studies to learn about the mobility patterns of city break tourists in Pamplona and Tudela and other studies that shed light on competing destinations, as well as detection of topics of interest and trends to develop projects in Navarra, once again aimed at being a competitive, sustainable and inclusive destination.

Intel.litur, Catalan Tourism Board

The Catalan Tourism Agency carries out first-rate studies on a wide range of topics, focusing on key markets and segments for Catalonia.

in2destination developed the 2020-2027 research plan for the Catalan Tourism Board so that the measurements/studies that are conducted respond to strategic issues in order for the Destination to achieve its objectives.

The plan explains what to measure, how, why, how often, how to make it public to promote greater knowledge transfer with the sector and again lead to greater competitiveness in the Catalan tourism sector.

Tourism Secretariat of Bahía, Brasil

Bahia wanted to advance in measurement for its territory in terms of tourism, and for this it requested training in both what to measure and how.

INRouTe counted on the Movatur Institute and in2destination to offer technical assistance to the team of statistical professionals of the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Bahia in Brazil. Thus, a research plan was proposed in accordance with the UNWTO recommendations on national tourism measurement, but transferred to the sub-national reality, as well as a team structure, online platform and software to carry it out.

Furthermore, training was offered to the team in order to start implementing the priority measurement areas for Bahia in line with its strategy as a tourism destination.

Did you know...

... that thanks to a sustainable tourism observatory you optimize your resources in favour of host communities and the sustainable development of tourism?


I want to meet the team that makes it possible

In the development of a sustainable tourism observatory, in-depth knowledge of measurement, strategy, destination and communication comes into play. We are a team that not only has such knowledge, but we combine that knowledge with the passion for our work when designing, developing and improving tourism observatories, because we see the positive impact they have on tourism destinations.

Nagore Uresandi

Director & Founder
"Tourism development must be compatible with the well-being of the people living there."

Carlota Cazalla

"The design of tourism services must focus on people and their needs."

Lady Giraldo

Senior Consultant
"Tourism contributes to empowering enterprises as exponential, profitable and sustainable businesses."

Laura Taroncher

"Sustainable tourism must preserve the identity of destinations and enhance their heritage."

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